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For the Future When All Mountains Will Be Covered with Green Woods
  The employees of the Kangwon Provincial Tree Nursery are devoting their sincerity to the saplings which grow thick under the warm spring sun.

  Making the most of the sapling production facilities, they have introduced scientific cultivation techniques including the two-round sapling production, turning out tens of millions of saplings a year.
  While speeding up the growth of saplings, they laid a solid foundation for guaranteeing their safe growth even in a high temperature or drought. They also developed and introduced various kinds of vegetable fungicide, insecticide and bird-driving device by sound waves, thus preventing the damage by harmful insects and birds and increasing the rooting rate of saplings.

  Directing efforts to the information technology exchange for developing and completing the advanced sapling cultivation techniques, they made and introduced a new standard growth analysis program of the computer integrated manufacture system according to the actual conditions, laying firmer technical foundations for analyzing, comparing and evaluating the sapling cultivation in a scientific way.
  They are ready to produce larger quantities of saplings of good species with high economic effectiveness and ornamental value and thus make an active contribution to turning all the mountains of the country into golden and treasure mountains covered with green woods. Their ambition will lead to greater success in the sapling production.