/ Your Requests Are Welcome!
Song "The Village Where We Live"
  Marius Ebener of Germany requested us to play a Korean song, saying the news of the achievements made by the Korean people enables him to have a hope for a better world.
  At his request, we present the song "The Village Where We Live" performed by the Wangjaesan Light Music Band.                 
  Here are the words of the song.

  Turning a mountain bend along a stream,
  There is a village with cosy modern houses.
  It evokes an envy of passers-by.
  This is the village where we live.

  In the morning the laugh of harmonious people
  Is heard on fields across hills wet with dew.
  In the evening with sunset the toll of a bell is heard
  In the village to call its masters.

  When there are stars and moon in the sky,
  Girls spend good night, singing songs.
  They are so happy that they stay up.
  Every house is bright-lit in the village.
  Dear audience,
  We hope that you would appreciate the song, looking at the photos showing the new looks of the socialist countryside in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.