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Matouqin, a National Musical Instrument of Mongolia

  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was presented with a matouqin as gift by the Chairman of the Mongolian Great Khural on November 19, Juche 101(2012).
  Matouqin is a traditional string instrument of Mongolia with a square sound box and about one-metre-long neck.
  Its upper part is in the shape of the horse's head and the strings and the bow are made of the horsetail hair.
  Matouqin is characterized by soft and delicate timbre.
  Seen in the lower part of the sound box is a metal plate with Mongolian letters reading that the musical instrument is presented to His Excellency Kim Jong Un by the Chairman of the Mongolian Great Khural.
  The matouqin and its bow are 104 centimetres and 83.5 centimetres long respectively.