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March 8 in the DPRK
  The Second International Conference of Socialist Women was held in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, in 1910. It expressed firm solidarity to the women workers of Chicago of the United States and decided to commemorate March 8 when they turned out in the struggle as a militant holiday of the working women of the whole world.
  Since then, the working women have commemorated the International Women's Day every year as the day of struggle against imperialism and colonialism and for peace, democracy, national independence and socialist cause, and as the day of strengthening the militant unity of the world progressive women for equality and rights and demonstrating its might.
  The March 8 International Women's Day is a significant holiday for the Korean women.
  The Democratic People's Republic of Korea proclaimed the Law on Sex Equality on July 30, 1946 while taking an untrodden path of nation building. It granted women equal rights with men and has paid deep attention to enhancing the position and role of women in the social development.
  The social position of the Korean women has been raised incomparably since the founding of the country. They are elected deputies to the people's assemblies at all levels including the highest organ of state power and take an active part in the discussion of the state affairs and policy-making.
  Greater importance is attached to the women's role in all fields of social life including politics, the economy, culture and national defence.
  The work has been further intensified to free women from the heavy burden of housekeeping and provide the institutional and social conditions for them to give the fullest play to their creativity and passion.
  The socialist system of Korea regards the women as proud masters pushing forward with the social development and establishes the climate of respecting and preferentially treating them throughout the society. Thanks to it, the March 8 International Women's Day becomes a holiday full of pride and honour of the women.
  Various political and cultural events are held on the occasion of the day.

  The whole country sends hearty congratulations to the women who add pleasure to the families and the society and support the country with pure love, warm humanity and sincere efforts on the day.

  Cordial greetings "Happy March 8 International Women's Day!" are heard and women smiling brightly with bouquets seen everywhere in the families, villages and work places.
  The socialist system ensures the women's rights on the highest level and shows constant solicitude for them to take part in social life without any worry.
  That's why the Korean women harden their resolve to devote all their wisdom and passion to the prosperity of the state on this significant holiday.