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Peculiar Geological Spots in Mt. Paektu Area (3)
  In the area of Mt. Paektu of Korea there are many geologically peculiar spots formed by volcanic eruptions.

  There are many queer rocks including Kobugi (Turtle) Rock and Phengginsae (Penguin) Rock in Mt. Jungam.
  Mt. Jungam is standing in Sinmusong-dong of Samjiyon City. It is 2,140 metres above the sea level.

  Sogum (Salt) Rock is found in Mt. Kanbaek which is 2,162 metres above the sea level. When it was formed, salinity was accumulated in the pumice by high content of its alkalic ingredients and the emission of a great deal of chlorine gas.
  It was called so because wild animals came to get back salinity.

  There is the queer Yongam (Lava) Rock in Mt. Pukphothae which is 2,288 metres above the sea level.
  It is a geologic body rare in the volcanic areas of other countries.

  The Paeksamri Cliff in Paeksam-ri of Samjiyon City is a geological object of significance in education and observation of the volcanic geology.

  The Ryongma (Fine Horse) Rock is found in Paektusanmiryong-dong of Samjiyon City.
  It is called so because it looks like a fine horse. A volcanic body was cut by dislocation to form the queer rock.

  The Chongun (Many Soldiers) Rock is reminiscent of many soldiers lining up.
  It was formed as the rocks erupted from the Paektu volcano filled up the valley which was hollowed by the river flowing into it. It is about 68 metres high and around 270 metres long.

  Mt. Sobaek is 2,171 metres above the sea level.
  There are different shapes of mysterious rocks on the volcano in the northwestern part of Samjiyon City.