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Stamps on "Historic Locomotives"
  Once Tomohisa Araki in Saitama Prefecture of Japan said he had collected the Korean stamps "The Historic Locomotive 'Junggi' No. 22" and "The Historic Locomotive 'Jongiha' No. 3" and asked us to tell about those historic locomotives on the stamps.

  The locomotive "Junggi" No. 22 was used by the great leader Kim Il Sung in September Juche 34(1945), the year when Korea was liberated from the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists.
  At that time, Kim Il Sung looked round a railway reconstruction site on his way back to Pyongyang after learning about the work in Wonsan City and Kangwon Province on September 19 and 20.
  Giving guidance over the railway reconstruction in person, he called on the officials to restore the railways as soon as possible and normalize the train service and thus develop the economy and make a great contribution to stabilizing the people's living.
  It is none other than the locomotive "Junggi" No. 22 that pulled the passenger car carrying Kim Il Sung from Yangdok to Pyongyang at that time.

  The locomotive "Jongiha" No. 3 is one of the electric locomotives remade by Korean workers themselves after the end of the Fatherland Liberation War between 1950 and 1953.
  In the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the project for reconstruction of the then Yangdok-Chonsong electric railway was promoted in real earnest from May Juche 44(1955).
  Kim Il Sung saw that a decision of the Cabinet on speeding up the project was adopted, electric engineers and service personnel of the People's Army mobilized for the project and even a huge sum of money supplied.
  Encouraged by it, workers of the then Yangdok locomotive yard repaired and rebuilt 10 electric locomotives with their own efforts.
  When he visited the Yangdok Railway Station on May 14, Juche 45(1956), Kim Il Sung saw the "Jongiha" No. 3 reproduced by the workers of the yard and highly praised them for their efforts.
  And he said they should make better electric locomotive in the future and change the steam locomotive into the electric one quickly.
  The Korean workers succeeded in making the first electric locomotive "Pulgungi" (Red Flag) with their own efforts and technology in Juche 50(1961).
  The State Stamp Bureau of the DPRK issued four stamps on "Historic Locomotives" including the stamps "The Historic Locomotive 'Junggi' No. 22" and "The Historic Locomotive 'Jongiha' No. 3" in Juche 77(1988) in order to tell forever the painstaking efforts made by Kim Il Sung for the development of the railway transport of the country after the national liberation and in so difficult a period after the war.