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Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies
  Once Javier Caleb Hernández Trujillo, who is studying at the National University of Mexico, sent us an e-mail expressing his impressions after listening to the Spanish broadcasting of "Voice of Korea".
  In the e-mail he said he wants to know what foreign languages are taught in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  Now we are going to introduce the Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies in brief so as to promote the understanding of our listeners including him.
  The university whose predecessor was the Pyongyang University of Russian Language was founded on November 15, Juche 38(1949). Its mission is to bring up foreign language experts who will make a contribution to developing politics, the economy and culture of the country.
  Over the 70-odd years, the university has developed into a comprehensive centre for training foreign language experts amid the deep concern of the state.
  The university has good conditions for teaching, scientific researches and study of the students.
  It also has a number of competent teachers including those with academic degrees and titles.
  In the past students of the university proved successful in the world students' foreign language contests on several occasions.

Diplomas and trophy cups awarded in the world
students' foreign language contests

  The university teaches over 20 foreign languages including English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish and Arabic.
  Its graduates have made a contribution to enhancing the external prestige of our state and building a socialist power in the fields of the external affairs of the country and different sectors of the national economy and more than 30 of them became Heroes and Labour Heroes of the DPRK.
  The university will train a greater number of excellent foreign language experts in the future.