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A Man like the Sun
  Vladimir Solinov, General Manager of the Institute of Technical Glass Science of Russia, presented the great leader Kim Jong Il with the glasswork "Orchis graminifolia" as gift in February Juche 97(2008) on the occasion of his 66th birth anniversary.

  Orchis graminifolia symbolizing beauty, passion and purity is in full bloom at the end of its spiral stem.
  Seen at the stand of the work are the red letters "To Comrade Kim Jong Il" and "66th Anniversary" and the coloured national emblem of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  Presenting the gift, Vladimir Solinov said:
  "This full-blown Orchis graminifolia represents my praise for the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il."
  Vladimir Solinov is a glass technician who devoted his all to scientific researches.
  In July Juche 84(1995) Kim Jong Il met General Manager Vladimir Solinov and his party on a visit to the DPRK.
  He regarded them as his friends and had a talk with them in a warm atmosphere. He gave clear-cut answers to the complex questions raised by them on the spot.
  They were so fascinated by his uncommon greatness and unassuming character that they didn't know 55 minutes had already passed in spite of themselves.
  Kim Jong Il made time to pose for a photograph with them. Later, expressing thanks to him, Vladimir Solinov said:
  "The sun is eulogized by all people for its incomparable greatness felt by all, not by explanation. Comrade Kim Jong Il was a man like the sun."