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Rangnang Museum

  The Rangnang Museum was wonderfully built in the capital Pyongyang in September.
  Many people visit the museum intensively showing the time-honoured history and resplendent culture of the Korean nation.

  Curator Kim Myong Sik says:
  "Our museum is a centre of educating the working people and school youth and children in the time-honoured history of the Korean nation. At the same time, it is a pleasure ground which can provide the people with cultural recreation through folk games."
  The Rangnang Museum is largely divided into the districts of education and service.
  Displayed in the relics show room of the museum are at least 2,000 historical relics left by Korean ancestors from before the third century B.C. to A.D. the first half of the fourth century.

  Seen in the open air are eight tombs which were restored to clearly show the course of change of the tomb-building technique in those days.
  Archery, Ssirum (Korean wrestling), paduk (Go), swinging and other folk games can be played in the service district.

  The Rangnang Museum is a cultural recreation resort increasing the national pride of the Korean people.