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A Man of Ability in the Field of Vascular Reflex Treatment
  Medical workers of Kim Man Yu Hospital are working hard to improve the quality of the medical services.
(Shot in September 2022)

  Among them is Doctor Ya Myong Chon at the Vascular Reflex Treatment Department.
  Medical workers of the hospital call him a talent of creator-type and good inventor of new operation methods.
  In the past, he studied and completed more than 10 new operation methods in the field of vascular reflex treatment and introduced them into medical services.
  He always thought and studied to establish treatment methods suited to the constitutional characteristics of the Korean people.
  In the course, he manufactured up-to-date medical appliances essential to the treatment and invented good hand skills for operation.
  Remarkable successes were made in the treatment, but he did not rest content with them.
  He set a goal of developing the technique of treating the cerebral vascular disorders onto an advanced level and intensified his research into it. In this way, he presented effective therapies one after another.
  His new treatment method of removing the cause of disease without a surgical incision is drawing the attention of the experts as well as the patients since it can cure more patients while shortening the days of treatment.
  Doctor Ya Myong Chon says:
  "We are going to develop and introduce a greater number of new treatment methods in keeping with the realistic demand of developing modern medical science and technology and thus make an active contribution to improving the people's health."
  Ya Myong Chon is still busy with his scientific researches and treatment of patients so as to attain the high goal of pioneering latest medical technology.