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A Village with So Many Blessings
  This is a village in the seat of Kangbuk-ri, Kumchon County, North Hwanghae Province in the middle part of Korea.

  The village suffered a great damage from the heavy rain and strong wind that swept the whole of the country in 2020.
  As it was situated in the northern part of the river, it was turned into debris without any sound building left.
  At that time the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un took measures for the People's Army to undertake the damage rehabilitation. The village was face-lifted in a few months.
  It was on September 14 that Kim Jong Un called at the village.

  Looking round the village with delight, Kim Jong Un said he was eager to see the local people moving into new houses as early as possible. And he wished them to lead a happy life with their attachment to the new village and houses and hoped that the place would always be in luck.
  Three days later, people in Kangbuk-ri moved into new houses.

  On the day when they moved into new houses, the local people said in unison that their native place should be called not Kangbuk-ri but Kangbok-ri meaning that it is a place with so many blessings.
  Two years has passed since then.
  A couple had a wedding ceremony at the house visited by Kim Jong Un. They had a child, who was the first baby born on the blessed land. So they are said to have named him Kang Bok.
  At the Kangbuk Senior Middle School visited by Kim Jong Un, the children of the rural village are learning to their hearts' content  under the educational conditions and environment as good as those in cities.
  A gratifying bumper crop has been reaped this year, too, on the fields of the Kangbuk Farm where he even counted the number of grains of unhulled rice.
  Indeed, this village witnesses so many blessings every year.