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His Lofty Will and Land Administration
  Land administration is a patriotic work for the everlasting prosperity of the country and a work for providing people with good living conditions.
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is leading the land management, always paying deep concern to it.
  Pak Song In, Department Head of the Moranbong District People's Committee of Pyongyang City, says:
  "When he saw thick forests on the road of his field guidance, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un highly appreciated those people who made a contribution to the forest creation and care. He also ensured that the whole country followed the model of the counties leading the afforestation and water conservancy.
  During the days of tree planting in spring, he visited several units to plant trees. He built an experimental turf field in person and cultivated a new variety of turf. And he earnestly told the officials to plant and cultivate a lot of ground covers in their residential areas and institutions."

  It is the plan of Kim Jong Un to turn the mountains of the country into thick woodland in coming few years and bring about a change in the land and city management including the river improvement and road administration.
  Considering the importance of ground cover in the land management, Kim Jong Un proposed building a modern turf institute. In May Juche 102(2013) he visited the newly-built Pyongyang Turf Institute and gave a task to research into varieties of turf suited to the features of localities with clear four seasons and different climate conditions.
  While giving field guidance to the Central Tree Nursery under the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection in November the next year, he ardently called on all people of the country to turn out in the forest restoration, regarding it as a war with nature.
  Afterwards, too, he stressed time and again at important Party meetings that forest creation, river improvement and anti-landsliding project should be persistently conducted.
  And he took measures to build modern tree nurseries and production bases which can provide the things necessary for land development and administration including the river improvement in all parts of the country.
  Besides, he made sure that mass movements such as the movement to create Forest of Socialist Patriotism and the movement for winning the title of Model County in Afforestation were actively conducted throughout the society.

  Under the energetic guidance of Kim Jong Un, the land administration is powerfully conducted in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as a nationwide and all-people work and the territory of the country is changing completely as the days go by.