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For the Development of Local Special Foods
  The Korean people have long cooked different foods with specialties from the mountains, fields, seas and rivers in their localities.
  The processing methods of the local specialties and their varieties become more diverse with each passing day thanks to the deep concern of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who is always concerned to further enrich the diet of the people.
  The Songdo Restaurant at the foot of Moran Hill in the capital Pyongyang specializes in the local dishes of Kangwon Province.
  Kangwon Province along the East Sea of Korea has developed its special foods made with fish. Especially the Wonsan boiled rice with clam meat is popular for its unique taste.
  Official Kim Kyong Hui says:
  "Our Songdo Restaurant serves seafoods in the main. Of them, the Wonsan boiled rice with clam meat, the baked mussel and the steamed mussel are favoured by the customers.
  In April three years ago, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un made the boiled rice with clam meat together with officials and let them taste it.
  He said the boiled rice with clam meat can have unique taste when putting rice in the clam before boiling. He named it Wonsan boiled rice with clam meat and saw that it was widely used as a special food of Kangwon Province.
  Now we make it as he instructed and serve the people with it. People really like it."
  One day, Kim Jong Un said it is important to make local special foods well in developing the national food and stressed the need to retain the characteristics of the localities properly.
  He also said it is necessary to make foods with fish in the coastal areas and with edible herbs in the mountainous regions. In case of coastal areas, different kinds of foods should be made with laver in its home and pickled dishes made with a kind of tiny shrimp and anchovy in their home.
  Like this, he indicated specific ways to further develop foods suited to the characteristics of every locality and improve the people's diet in the course.

  Today colourful cooking festivals, cooking contests and national food exhibitions are held and the traditional national foods are actively encouraged in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.