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Mansugyo Fish and Meat Shop Frequented by People
  The Mansugyo Fish and Meat Shop on the bank of the picturesque Pothong River in the capital city Pyongyang is a service centre frequented by the Korean people.

  The shop is associated with the warm love of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who is always concerned to provide the people with more affluent life.
  In order to realize the noble desire of the great leader Kim Jong Il who made painstaking efforts to improve the diet of the capital citizens as early as possible, Kim Jong Un chose the site of the shop, formed powerful builders and visited the construction site two times to show the orientation and ways for the project in detail.
  Looking round the shop on April 25, Juche 101(2012) when it was inaugurated with due ceremony, he stressed time and again the need to provide it with commodities on a regular basis and earnestly said he would wait for good news that the people benefit from the Mansugyo Fish and Meat Shop.
  Regarding his earnest request as the motto of their commercial service activities, the officials and employees of the shop have worked hard for the people over the past 10 years.
  Today, too, they are making active efforts to play their role as the servants of the people.