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Six Celebrated Mountains of Korea
  We are going to present a new question on the column of "Quiz Show" for our listeners who are widening their common knowledge of Korea.
  From olden times, Korea was called a land of golden tapestry.
  In Korea there are many famous mountains including six celebrated mountains.
  What are the six celebrated mountains? Please choose the correct of the four answers.

  ① Mts. Paektu, Taesong, Kumgang, Myohyang, Kuwol, Halla
  ② Mts. Paektu, Kumgang, Myohyang, Kuwol, Jiri, Chilbo
  ③ Mts. Kumgang, Jongbang, Taesong, Myohyang, Jiri, Thaebaek
  ④ Mts. Paektu, Kuwol, Chilbo, Thaebaek, Kumgang, Jongbang

  Who will give a correct answer? We are looking forward to it.