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Central Zoo
  Mt. Taesong is known as a pride of Pyongyang from olden times as it has many historic relics and beautiful scenery. There are various bases for cultural life including the Central Zoo and the Central Botanical Garden at the foot of the mountain.
  The Central Zoo has been built to show animals of Korea and foreign countries in natural environment, giving rich emotion, knowledge, pleasure and optimism to the working people and school youth and children.
  The main building of the Central Zoo depicts a tiger. The visitors seem to be hearing the roar of a tiger echoing over the mountain. At a glance, they can feel an emotion peculiar to the zoo.


  There are more than 40 animal houses in the Central Zoo. Visitors can see a man-made pond teeming with sturgeons, an aquarium which depicts a dolphin doing tricks in the clear and blue sea, the domed, silver-roofed house where seals show their feats, the reptiles' house reminiscent of a big turtle on a green lawn with its head up, the aviary depicting a bird's wing and the songbirds' house looking like a large cage.
  Every animal house is so peculiar that visitors can easily recognize it even in the distance.
  Pleasant visitors can be seen in the animal houses.

  Some people in horse carriage decorated with flowers look round animal houses before having a picture taken with horse, dog and other ornamental animals. Some others enjoy seeing seals and animals do tricks.
  Many people visit the Central Zoo at the foot of the scenic Mt. Taesong almost every day.