Over 20 years for reserve footballers
   Mun Kwang Sop is a teacher of the May 13 Ryongnam Senior Secondary School in Taesong District, Pyongyang. He is distinguishing himself in the training of reserve footballers. A lot of talented footballers in the National Selection including People´s Athletes and Merited Athletes have been produced among his students over 20 odd years.
   Mun Kwang Sop was very much fond of football from his childhood and, growing up, dreamed to become a professional footballer. Despite his talent and passion, he could not be a professional for his unsuitable physical constitution. But he never abandoned football.
   Though I failed to be a footballer, I will be a teacher badly needed for the children desiring football. Let me train football masters honouring the motherland. With such determination he graduated from the sports faculty of Kim Hyong Jik University of Education and became a sports teacher of the May 13 Ryongnam Senior Secondary School. The football record of the school was not good at that time. Teacher Jon Jun Chol says;
   "Frankly speaking, it was possible to register success in common games if he selected students of upper classes and trained them hard while teaching the trick. Then, football ability of the school could have been praised. But Mun did not do like that."
   Mun Kwang Sop trained the students from the standpoint of looking forward to the future for the development of football of the country, not for his honour and dignity.
    His coaching is scientific, specific and strict. It is his unchangeable teaching method to think, plan one by one, familiarize himself with it and demand students to follow it. He let the students try again and again until they did as they were told. Analyzing games of world strong teams and international games of Korean teams, in particular, he clearly explained to the students the secret of victory and cause of defeat.
   Thanks to his efforts, the team won the national games after three years and the football players of the school became popular among coaches of the sports teams. Many of his students were called to the National Selection and registered success in international games. But Mun Kwang Sop is not satisfied with it. Mun Kwang Sop says;
   "I think the football teacher should train the students on the stand that he is the coach of the National Selection. What kind of players are needed for the school is not important. What kind of players with special skill are needed for the country and how to train them--this is the point."
   Just think you are a coach of the National Selection. With this in mind, he has devoted himself for more than 20 years for the development of football of the country, looking forward to the future. He is still running together with his students in order to train wonderful players to distinguish themselves in international games.
English Language Service, Voice of Korea