Mailbag of Voice of Korea
Land turning greener
  A lot of ground covering plants are grown in the world to prevent natural damages due to abnormal climatic conditions and protect the environment. Especially turf is recognized as a useful ground cover which plays an important role in keeping surroundings clean and hygienic and protecting land. The Lawn Research Branch of the State Academy of Sciences in the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea breeds and gathers seeds of different kinds of turf and develops their cultivating methods.
   The branch has different research sections, laboratories, analysis section, room for scientific research seminar and e-library. It is also equipped with wonderful facilities and apparatuses for researches. There are a greenhouse for scientific researches in all seasons and outdoor experimental plots consisting of tens of districts including variety experimental plots and seed-gathering and vegetative reproduction experimental plots. The branch has bases for research into varieties of turf suited to the regional characteristics in different regions. It has tens of academic degree or title holders including academicians, professors and doctors of biology as well as young and promising scientists and technicians. They are concentrating efforts on researches to breed new varieties of turf which are evergreen with strong resistance to cold and treading and good ornamental effect and accomplish their cultivating methods. The branch has extended the green days of the turf to more than 300 days and solved scientific and technological problems arising in its cultivation and as a result, the turf was registered as a new variety last year. And it has developed various kinds of biological fertilizers good for the growth of turf and biological agrochemicals controlling the spread of germs which are found a lot on the lawn, contributing to preventing lawn diseases and promoting growth. The branch is widely disseminating scientific and technological materials on turf breeding, introducing good varieties of turf seeds and collecting a lot of experiences and materials necessary for the cultivation of turf and sending them to units concerned. Researches are intensified in different regions including Ryanggang Province and North and South Hamgyong Provinces to find out scores of kinds of wild plants with strong vitality while keeping green colour even in winter and improve them as varieties of cultivated turf. Good varieties of turf seeds are introduced from abroad and acclimatized to the climatic and soil conditions of Korea.
  He who values and loves even a tree and a blade of grass of the country is patriot. With such mind the scientists and researchers of the branch are devoting all their wisdom and passion to scientific researches. Thanks to their efforts, the land of Korea will be greener.
English Language Service, Voice of Korea