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Seascape within city
   A mysterious seascape has been unfolded on Rungna Island on beautiful Taedong River flowing through the capital city Pyongyang.
   Chief engineer Yu Pyong Guk says:
   "Not only the style of building but also all halls and corridors of our Dolphinarium look like underwater. The dolphinarium draws many people not only because of interesting performance of dolphins but also because of dissemination of common knowledge about sea animals. Our dolphins now perform tens of kinds of tricks. All people including adults and children like the performance of dolphins."
   Every place of the Rungna Dolphinarium presents marvellous seascape. The hall with large water tank looks like underwater with various kinds of sea breams and puffers swimming.
      Excellent environment has been furnished for study of the biological characteristics of dolphins and sea fishes and exhibited there are stuffed and immersed animals including fur seal and seal.
   More fascinating is the cavernous room for dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge which is called Sea God´s Palace. Coral reeves and various sea fishes are lifelike. The octopus dropping its arms with suckers evolves excitement of all adults and children.
   Man: "I took a full breath as I felt standing under the sea."
   Woman: "The octopus is so vivid. I feel like touching one of its arms."
   Dolphins intimately called "Rungna dolphin" and "Pyongyang dolphin" perform various tricks, giving great pleasure to the visitors.
      Wave-ploughing like speed boat, continuous ball kicking, beating time with caudal fin, climbing on the shore, collective jump, calculation and so on win applause of spectators. Ring spinning, shaking hands and kissing also evoke laughter. And the performance of the legendary mermaid draws spectators into a fairy tale.
   Woman: "The tricks of dolphins are so fascinating and mysterious that I can´t find words to express."
   Man: "The dolphins are familiar with people. I also wanted to shake hand and play with them."
   Schoolgirl: "Visiting such wonderful sea world, I remember the rabbit in fable which visited the Dragon´s Palace under the sea following soft-shelled turtle."
   Schoolboy: "Unusual tricks of trainers and dolphins were spectacular. We, students, want to visit the dolphinarium again and again which gives profound common knowledge of the sea."
   Everyone was pleased. Really all visitors are reluctant to leave the Rungna Dolphinarium and visit it again. The Rungna Dolphinarium attracts people unfolding wonderful seascape.
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